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Kailey Shakespear

Raised by an extremely talented amateur photographer, photography  and art has always been an important part of my life. As the mother of 3 boys now, I cherish the photos I have taken as they have grown. When I think about how their kids will someday know a little something about our family now because of the images I take, I feel such gratitude that I have made the time to do this, and am honored to do this for others.

I have a B.S. in Psychology from the University of Washington and I think my interest in people helps to fuel my enjoyment in getting to know others and participating in the happiness of the special moments we share as I am asked to participate in some of the most important moments in peoples' lives. I feel it important that my clients are comfortable with me and enjoy their time so that we can get the most natural and beautiful images possible. From Weddings to Family sessions, it's important to me to help you feel relaxed and your best self so that you will be overjoyed with the end results of the images!

Feel free to browse my Facebook page for reviews : www.facebook.com/kaileyshakespearphotography/reviews

Contact Kailey:  shakespearphotography@yahoo.com   (206) 729-7999                                    


Scheduling: For weddings, try to book a photographer 1 year in advance, especially if you are scheduling your event in the summer.

Clothing for Portraits: Solids or minimal prints are the best to wear in order to avoid being overshadowed by your attire and let yourself shine.

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